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Dareon and QTCinderella create the first Twitch-themed Restaurant & Bakery: "Just Snacking"

Amazon is looking to expand their horizons in 2020 by jumping into the world of restaurants as they team up with big Twitch streamers Dareon and QTCinderella

If there's something Twitch desperately needs more of on it's platform in 2020, its content creators with actual talent. If you've come across QTCinderella or Dareon's streams before, then you'd know that both individuals are quite talented in the culinary field... a trait rarely seen amongst Twitch streamers. Amazon took notice of their talents and decided to create the first ever Twitch-themed restaurant & bakery combo, called "Just Snacking".

We heard reports that TrainwrecksTV wanted to be apart of this restaurant, but was told "We need actual chefs in the kitchen, not people reacting to chefs in the kitchen"

Dareon's section of the business will be the restaurant, which he is calling Dareon's Cooking Corner. QTCinderella will run the bakery section, which she is calling QT's Badass Bakery.

Dareon's Cookout Corner

Luckily Dareon gets a lot of opportunities to cook since he is pretty much 1-of-2 people in his house who can operate a stove. He frequently hosts cooking streams where he will craft up anything from everyday meals to southern comfort cuisine, which is why Twitch decided he should be the head chef of "Just Snacking". Dareon's impressive cooking skills has made him a god amongst his roommates, who each have Platinum status on Uber Eats at this point.

Dareon's Cookout Corner will be equipped with:

  • Dallas Cowboys re-runs on every TV

  • Ambish's music playing on all speakers

  • Rolling papers and ash trays at every table

Another bonus to Dareon joining the chef team was his friendship with Mizkif, who could probably keep the restaurant financially stable all by himself with how much food he orders everyday.

QT's Badass Bakery

QT has been showcasing her bakery skills on-stream recently, baking items such as the ending cake from an iconic game Super Mario 64 to a crewmate from the most overrated game in history Among Us. Regardless of the theme, QT has proved her baking talents soar higher than any other streamer. When Twitch saw her baking skills they immediately sent another gift package to Ludwig, which also included a little note on the side asking if QT was interested in running the bakery.

Some of the bakery's menu items you can expect to see are:

  • Super Mario 64 cake

  • Dare Package Cup-Crates (cupcakes)

  • Among Us crewmate cake

  • Bed Bugs Sugar Cookies

We hear there is even a secret-menu item: The Chessboard Éclair. If this item is requested over the counter, you will be asked "Are you comfortable in your masculinity?", to which the answer "No" will allow you to get the special Chess pastry!

We are pumped to try out what QT and Dareon have been cooking up for the new "Just Snacking" location, which is set to open to 100% capacity once Covid-19 ends.

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