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Cyr becomes new 120-Star Super Mario 64 record holder after finding exploit in the game's menu

While the 120 star record was just achieved recently by Cheese, Cyr found an exploit to take that #1 spot

Super Mario 64 speed running has become quite popular on Twitch over the past few years, influencing streamers like Mizkif, Esfand, Cyr, and many more trying their hand at getting a PR. While the 120 star record was held by Simply for a good part of last year, it was just recently re-taken by Cheese. However, just a few minutes ago Cyr discovered an exploit that allowed him to beat the game extremely quickly...

This is what Cyr had to say when he explained his run to us:

"Basically the strat is to get the 120 stars BEFORE starting the timer. Once you have all 120, just restart the game, select that file, start the timer, and go straight to bowser! It's so easy, I'm baffled nobody else discovered this. - Cyr

Absolutely incredible. This news spread across the SM64 forums like wildfire, as people across the globe were realizing their PB's would quickly be broken by this new strat. Simply and Cheese have been in a Discord call all day after hearing this news to try and de-credit it's legitimacy, but to no avail.

Cyr is now the official 120 Star Record Holder!

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