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CrazySlick and Babytron finally meet up - turns out they are cousins

Rapper/producer Babytron and Twitch streamer CrazySlick finally get together in-person and later find out they are actually relatives

CrazySlick and Babytron meeting outside of Slick's new apartment complex -- 9/03/2020

For almost a year now, a popular video on Youtube has circled the Twitch community sparking debates in every chat possible; that video being the Babytron x Shittyboyz x Old School Sample "Out of time" track. The image shown on the video is an older photo of Babytron back in the studio doing his signature middle finger pose. When this video gained circulation on Twitch, viewers and streamers alike began asking the question... "Hold up, does he kinda look like... CrazySlick?"

While Slick and Babytron have lots of similar body features, the swiped 2012 Bieber-esque bowlcut hair is what really sold people on the comparison

Famous TSM streamer Pokelawls was actually the first person to bring up this comparison when he found the "Out of Time" sample during one of his frequent 6+ hour reaction streams. When Poke first opened the video, he and his chat were left speechless at the similarities. The moment this realization occurred was even captured on video (See below )

Poke's community flooded the comments of the video afterwards and the news spread like wildfire across all of Twitch.

Famous streamer Sundizzle leaving a comment on the Babytron video -- 8 months ago

Now that most Twitch users are familiar with the "meme", it has become one of the biggest PogU farmers on the entire platform. As soon as the first 2 seconds in the "Out of Time" video are played, the chat is taken over by the expressive Gootecks face emote. Crazyslick has recently seen an influx of viewers come into his chat and ask if there was any relation between the famous rapper and himself, which has now been confirmed. When the DNA result came back to Slick and Babytron, the only things on the paper were a PogU emote and the words "YOU ARE!".

Slick and Babytron initially met after they found themselves both typing in the same female Just Chatting streamer's chat and decided to DM each other

Peepo Pieces was able to snag an EXCLUSIVE interview with none other than the champ himself, Gootecks. Since the meeting of this duo is historic news, we wanted to know what was running through Gootecks' mind when asked if he thinks CrazySlick kinda looks like Babytron....

His response was:

"HE DOES!" - Gootecks

We have heard rumors that CrazySlick might be hopping on as a feature in Babytron's "Out of Time 2" track that's set to release sometime later this year. We are very excited to hear what the duo is cooking up for us.

If you are also excited to see more of this duo, please be sure to send a <3 in CrazySlick's chat today as he could use some love from the community now more than ever =)

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