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CodeMiko signs deal with Apple to become the "New Siri"

Apple has struck a deal with their first Twitch streamer "CodeMiko" to become the new voice (and face) of Siri

Twitch streamers continue to get massive brand deals as the streaming space grows larger; such as "Ninja x Adidas" or "XQC x Every Episode of Cops". This morning, another massive corporation announced their newest collab: "Apple x CodeMiko". The two have collaborated to replace the old version of Siri with a fully automated/AI version (including video)!

Apple are notorious for selling their additional peripheral items, so the CodeMiko collab is perfect since they will eventually sell "Siri x Miko Body Pillows" to drive extra sales

Apple made the decision after seeing clips of CodeMiko float around on TikTok of her talking to various content creators. However the big selling point for Apple was how loud CodeMiko is when she talks, which will be great for the elderly Apple consumer audience.

Promotional graphic for the upcoming collaboration

We wanted to get a quote from Miko on how this collab came to be and her thoughts on becoming the face of iPhone users around the world.

"I'm already on my chat's screens every day and yell at them to do stuff. Being on every iPhone in the world won't be any different. I'm ready for world domination." - Miko

You can expect to see CodeMiko on your Apple devices by February 29th!

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