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Chatterino adds an "Among Us" filter after Trainwreck's Twitter rants

Due to continuous allegations of cheating streamers in Among Us, the developer of Chatterino (Fourtf) and Trainwrecks have added a specific filter for the game

With Among Us rising in popularity over the past few months, more streamers are hopping on the meta bus to play with the best of the best. Included in this list are some smaller streamers who have recently skyrocketed to the top of the directory after showcasing their ability to lie on command. However, not everyone is convinced these streamers are as smart as they appear...

If Trainwrecks tweeted about his G-Fuel discount as much as he did Among Us, he would probably have the highest selling code ever (Code: APE)

Train has been ranting on Twitter over the past few weeks about these shameless, clout-chasing, RATS hiding in the community that will stop at nothing to win Among Us games, even if that means reading their chat during rounds. To spare his mods from scrubbing every streamer's VOD, Train worked with the creator of Chatterino Fourtf to create an "Among Us" option that will stop streamers from cheating during the game.

Below is how the new option will work:

  1. Streamers will enter each player in the lobby's Twitch username & color into the Chatterino commands

  2. When each game begins, any use or variation of the usernames listed will be blocked until the player either dies or is imposter

  3. When the game is over, the commands will pause until the next round begins

Streamers like Train are hoping this solves the cheating problem. Although this command will only stop streamers who use Chatterino for their chats, anyone who is still using the default Twitch chat is suffering and explains why they would have to cheat for any feeling of happiness.

We reached out to Train for a quick quote on this new addition:

Nothing is going to stop these shameless streamers from cheating to impress a bunch of random people in a chatroom... but this new option might help. If not, I might need to change SkaShroudle's job title to 'Professional VOD scrubber' " - Train

We're curious to see how this new option will affect Among Us games in the future.

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