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Call of Duty: Warzone to remove fall damage from the game after watching TimTheTatMan

The billion dollar franchise is making a big change after seeing one streamer struggle

If you've watched TimTheTatMan's streams over the past few years, then you are familiar with the unending battle he faces with gravity in video games. With YouTube compilations of him dying in-game to fall damage, it has become the greatest meme of his career. However, it seems the CoD developers want Tim to pop off on his stream more and will be removing fall damage in the upcoming patch.

Dying to fall damage is the biggest meme in Tim's community with the Grand Canyon-sized dent on his head after a full day of gaming as a close second

Many people in the Warzone have been confused by this update since parachutes are a big part of the game, especially in the initial drop. Call of Duty came out with a statement recently stating players will now drop from the sky in individual pods, just like Halo: ODST. While some players in the community thought this was a cool idea; the majority of them weren't even born when ODST came out so they didn't know what that meant.

We got a quote from one of Tim's close friends, Dr. Disrespect on his feelings of the change:

"Are you kidding me?! Of all the changes this game needs, you're telling me THIS is the one they choose? All to help Timmy Tenders? So much for speed and momentum..."

We're excited to see how this new change will impact Warzone and how TimTheTatMan will discover a new way to die in-game.

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