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Breaking News: CallMeCarson

That's right.... Call. Me. Carson.

Although this news may sound crazy... CallMeCarson. Carson's fans around the world are shocked to hear CallMeCarson is actually CallMeCarson. Me? Carson? No, CallMeCarson.

CallMeCarson, also referred to as CallMeCarson, couldn't believe this news when he heard it

In addition, CallMeCarson and CallMeCarson were spotted together.

CallMeCarson and CallMeCarson seen chilling at the annual CallMeCarson Convention (pre-covid)

If CallMeCarson isn't careful, he may be getting a call from Carson about calling CallMeCarson Carson. We were able to call in a favor from Carson and get a direct quote from CallMeCarson on the situation.

"Carson" - CallMeCarson

Incredible. We thank CallMeCarson for his time and look forward to hearing more as this story develops.

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