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Blex becomes the most watched Twitch channel in history

Blex, undoubtedly the best streamer on Twitch, has finally gotten the recognition he deserves

Twitch normally promotes specific streamers on the front page of their website for new viewers to have an easy entry experience. While this is normally a way for streamers to gain a lot of popularity and viewers, other streamers are never selected to be on the front page. One of these streamers is none other than.... Blex__. So how did Blex rise to fame?

Twitch had Blex on their radar for many years but never chose to partner with him due to concerns that he would "literally take all the viewers away from other streamers"

When you're as talented and entertaining as Blex, it almost becomes a negative trait since everyone sees you as competition. For Blex, this only motivated him to defeat his peers. After 15 months of consistent streaming... Blex has now become the most watched channel in Twitch history. His variety streams and constant entertainment have risen him to the top of the charts.

Recent Twitch stats of "total watch time" provided by @TwitchStuff twitter account

This is a monumental occasion for streamers in general since they know what to model their streams after. In addition, we wanted a direct quote from someone who's career was made by having Blex on their streams:

"I'm so happy for Blex. Without him I literally wouldn't have a career or any money from bounties since he carries my streams. I hope one day I can pay back Blex for everything he's done for me" - Mizkif

Congrats to Blex! You can check his streams out here:

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