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Big streamers are getting upset their clout won't let them skip the NoPixel server queue

Like most Twitch metas, all the big streamers have to be in on the hype or they'll throw a twitter temper tantrum

With the Rust RP server squeezed dry of any content left, streamers abandoned ship and went back to their regularly scheduled YouTube react shows. However, the NoPixel team worked hard to go live with their 3.0 version that debuted yesterday. While big streamers were quick to react to the announcement trailer, almost none of them followed through the proper channels to actually request a spot and now are not too happy about being told they have to wait in line.

Streamers are having a hard time understanding that having more Twitter followers doesn't mean you instantly deserve a spot over anyone else

We spoke to the creator of NoPixel, Koil, to get his take on the streamer drama happening currently:

"This happens every time GTA RP becomes the meta. Big streamers want to join in and farm content from the actual RP'ers and then dip. For NoPixel 4.0, I'm making contracts that big streamers have to host the smaller RP streamers in the servers if they want in" - Koil

Unbelievable. When will these big streamers learn. Shameless.

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