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AustinShow premiers newest show: Airline Royale

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Screenshot from AustinShow Twitch debut of Flight Simulator - 08/18/2020


Popular streamer and host "Austin" (of the AustinShow), primarily known for running some of the biggest shows on Twitch, has announced his newest show idea

Already having a variety of shows under his belt, Austin is no stranger to coming up with creative ideas to spice up the normal Twitch show format. Whether it's actually him coming up with the ideas or just taking credit for someone else on his team, these shows capitalize on finding new ways to get Twitch's most popular streamers together for hours of entertainment.

With the release of Microsoft's newest Flight Simulator, Twitch streamers are jumping on the opportunity to showcase their skills in the cockpit. The category has maintained consistently high viewership for its entire day of release with popular streamers like "XQC" and "Lirik" streaming it. Austin, as he mentioned on his broadcast earlier, has been an avid flight simulator player for years. While this is mostly because he gets to fiddle a joystick around for hours uninterrupted, he also wanted to stream his talent to his many followers.

Flight Simulator category currently at #7 on Twitch

During Austin's broadcast today he announced his newest podcast show that will be premiering within the next few months; the Airline Royale.

This show will feature 15 of Twitch's biggest streamers from Austin, TX aboard a Boeing 737 airplane going to San Diego competing against each other to be the last one on the podcast. Similar to Austin's current "Royale Podcast" where a variety of streamers yell over each other for 5 hours about who has the most Twitter followers or something like that, this new Royale should mix things by incorporating the element of both IRL interaction and the magic of flight.

We reached out to GoneDoc, one of Austin's producers that help him create these shows, to get some more information on what can be expected from this new endeavor.

"This show is going to be like no other. Not only will streamers actually be forced to leave their houses to create content for once, but they will be given a free ride to Twitch Con. If you know anything about Twitch streamers, it's that any opportunity to get free stuff... they will take it.

This show is also going to include the craziest thing done on Twitch. Whenever a streamer is voted off by the chat, not only will he or she be booted off the show... but they will have to parachute out of the plane too. When parachuting, the streamer will have a Go-Pro attached to their helmet and the live feed will be shown on the screen. Chat will also be able to participate by doing actions like using their channel points to snip a string from the parachute, making it a little more interesting."

"Whenever a streamer is voted off by the chat, not only will he or she be booted off the show... but they will have to parachute out of the plane too" - GoneDoc

With the premise of the new show ending with one lucky streamer getting a free ride to Twitch Con, there have been many applications. 50 viewer Andy's, and even Andy Milonakis Andy's, are all jumping on the opportunity to save $300 on a flight to Ego-Boosting-Sex Con. In addition, Austin has already recorded a pilot episode of the royale last year but has held off on releasing any information until the Flight Simulator Twitch meta began taking off.

A leaked photo of this pilot episode from last year is above. Some of the bigger Twitch streamers identified in the photo are (from left to right): Shortyyguy, Adept, XQC, Buddha, OP, Discomania (Ashley), NMPlol, Pokelawls, and Malena (behind camera).

We are excited to see Austin finalize the details of this new Royale show and put it into action. More details in the coming months.


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