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Andy Milonakis announces new food delivery service app for streamers

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

With an influx of Twitch streamers moving to Austin TX, Andy Milonakis has channeled his inner entrepreneur and created the streamer alternative to Uber Eats.

If there are two words that could describe Twitch streamers in a nutshell, it's Hungry and Lazy. Whether that hunger is referring to more clout or actual food consumption depends on the streamer under review, however the principle still remains. With this trait combination it's quite common for streamers to order their meals through food delivery services like Door Dash and Uber Eats. Using these delivery services each day adds up to a hefty sum of cash but for most streamers, and their endless disposable income, it doesn't stop them.

Andy noticed the disgusting amount of money streamers were spending on mediocre takeout delivery and knew he could hit a big market with this app

Andy has been streaming on Twitch for roughly 4 years and usually broadcasts himself exploring places he travels. While a good portion of these locations are usually inside of a random restaurant, it's still a new experience for Twitch viewers who only travel to new places when their parents force them on family vacations. Throughout Andy's long entertainment career and multiple years of traveling, he has become extremely knowledgeable in the world of food.

With this diverse knowledge of food and cooking, Andy took the opportunity to create a personal food delivery app for streamers in the Austin area.

Photos revealing the UI of the new delivery app -- 9/4/2020

Andy also revealed the business model for this new application and how he plans to get the ball rolling. Since streamers have no limit on the amount of money they will spend, buying in bulk at Costco and selling at a much higher price is Andy's go-to. When a streamer orders a meal, Andy will do a cooking stream on his channel showing the process of making the food while the other streamer can simultaneously watch their food being made for content. Viewers will get to interact with the process by using channel points to add or remove certain items from the meal.

Not only are streamers too lazy to make their own food but they are also desperate for content so this is a win-win situation for Andy

Andy will be hand-delivering each meal in the Austin area via his new electric bike. This can also be streamed but we are worried stream snipers could potentially steal the food. That bike is pretty fast though...

Andy streaming himself doing a test delivery on his new electric bike -- 08/29/2020

We believe this is a genius idea by Andy to capitalize on the streamer market before anyone else does. Only three streamers in Austin have signed up for the app so far (Mizkif, Sodapoppin, and Train) however knowing the amount of food Mizkif eats on a daily basis alone should keep Andy afloat until more streamers join in. Any Twitch partner is able to sign-up for this new app, however affiliates must either go on Andy's Adopt-an-Affilate show or learn to leech a little harder.

Overall a cool and innovate idea coming from Mr. Milonakis.

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