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Among Us announces an official new E-Sports League. 6 new Teams and Team Captains revealed

With Among Us rising in popularity every day, the developers are taking gameplay to the next level and forming an official E-Sports league

Among Us League official announcement graphic -- August 18th, 2020

Among Us has consumed the entire gaming world over the past month, attracting both the sweatiest of gamers to the Fall Guys refugees alike. Even though the game looks like it was supposed to release on iOS 5's App Store, Among Us has recently exploded in popularity by getting content creators of all sizes to play against each other. This league will take faking tasks and meta-gaming to the next level.

The "Among Us League" is following in the footsteps of the "Overwatch League", which is perfect because both games are fun to watch for 30 minutes maximum

Included in the initial announcement was the first 6 official teams in the league and their respective Team Captains. Teams will join random public lobbies and compete to get the best overall score within a certain time period. The roster draft will be hosted in the next few weeks and streamers of any size are encouraged to apply, except for CrazySlick who is banned from the League already.


Russel's Comedians:

Russel will be the team captain for the Comedians. Their official team strategy is to use witty jokes to distract opponents from what is actually happening in the game. The team specialty is the "Joe Mama ", where Russel laughs obnoxiously loud to distract players from the timer and stall for a vote pass.

Wolfabelle's Wolf Pack:

Wolfabelle will be the team captain for the Wolf Pack. Their official team strategy is moving as a group in-game to stack impostor kills, making it difficult for opponents to see who committed the murder. The team specialty is talking in the thickest UK Accent possible to confuse opponents on what's being discussed.

4Conner's Bandits:

Conner will be the team captain for the Bandits. Their official strategy is praying that someone on the team gets imposter each round, since it's almost a guaranteed loss if they don't. The team specialty is throwing any crewmate rounds as fast as possible in order to start imposter rounds quicker.

Jellypeanut's Nutters:

Jellypeanut will be the team captain for the Nutters. Their official team strategy is using pure charisma and deception to make players think twice before voting. The Nutters are actually so confident that they don't even reveal to teammates if they are imposter or not and will compete amongst each other for extra competition.

Adept's Beasts:

Adept will be the team captain for the Beasts (a play on words for Bests). The Beasts is one of the more frightening teams to come from this announcement, as they play to win no matter what the cost. Their team strategy is to dominate enemies in conversation to the point where the opponents are too scared to vote for them.

XQC's Juicers:

XQC will be the team captain for the Juicers. The Juicers are a team ready to sweat lobbies like never before, and will stop at nothing to be #1. Their official strategy is intimidating other teams into purposefully losing so they don't have to encounter the wrath of the entire fanbase raiding their chats after the tournament.

The first Among Us League match is set to occur on Friday, October 9th. You can watch on the official Twitch channel over at this link. We are excited to see how these matches turn out & fans around the world tune in for the first day and then never again.

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