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All 4 members of The Mob announce starring roles in new NBC Sitcom "Mob Ties"

Nadeshot and NBC have just confirmed the newest project for The Mob will be a debut TV show

If you've been on Twitter for more than a month, it's pretty much impossible to not have seen a viral tweet from one of The Mob members: Mako, Froste, Avalanche, and Classify. While the four friends have achieved big success over the past few years and even got signed to an official org (100T), they are expanding their talents to a more traditional entertainment medium with their very own TV Sitcom; most likely just to farm the boomer Twitter market.

Nadeshot wanted the show to be named "The Fresh Princes of 100T" but was declined by Will Smith after Will saw the nonsense Froste tweets regularly

The show will feature the four friends and their adventures being social media stars for a professional E-Sports Organization despite being mediocre at video games. Whether the group is pulling pranks on one another such as covering each other's rooms in tin foil or constantly bugging Nadeshot, this show will capture it all for your entertainment. The majority of the show was going to be filmed at The Mob house but the camera crew was too scared to enter after seeing some of vlogs, so it will just be filmed at the 100T Cash App Compound.

Leaked photo of The Mob filming the upcoming Christmas Episode of "Mob Ties" -- 10/16/2020

To get some inside information on the new sitcom, we reached out to a mutual friend of The Mob and fellow 100T member, JHBTeam, for a quote.

"Honestly, I feel like I'm the one who deserves their own TV show. Something like Mobbin' w/ JHB sounds clean as hell... but since I just started up TBH w/ JHB I'll let the guys have this one" - JHBTeam

Very supportive words from the legend JHBTeam himself. We're sure this new sitcom will feature many of the amazing creators across Twitter.

The "Mob Ties" sitcom is set to premier its first episode on November 10th, 2020 on NBC, but you can see a sneak peak of episode 1 by subscribing here.

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