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Alexandra Botez claims she "Doesn't actually know how to play Chess" amid rumors

The Twitch Queen of Chess has exposed her fraudulent actions by stating her chess skills are sadly... fake.

Many know that Chess became a wildly popular meta on Twitch during 2020. Whether that shows how timeless the game of chess is or just how desperate streamers are for any new meta on the platform can be up for debate. However, one undeniable truth from this meta came the rise of 2 chess prodigies; Alexandra and Andrea Botez. Two sisters from New York (? probably idk), skyrocketed in popularity after their high skill for chess mixed with their ability to be on the AustinShow cultivated a large fanbase.

Now, it seems the sisters are in quite a checkmate situation as Alexandra may not be who she claims...

Rumors began to spread when Andrea accidentally leaked discord DM's explaining to Alexandra what exactly a "Bishop" does in Chess, which raised red flags amongst their community

After hearing these rumors, we here at Peepo Pieces had to reach out and discover the truth. Below is the shocking result:

Alexandra expressing the full truth in a Twitter DM -- 12/30/2020

Truly a breathtaking discovery. The last piece of information we wanted to get was a direct quote from Alexandra's sister, Andrea. Many know her as the extroverted, goofy, microphone-peaking sidekick of the Botez Duo.

This is what she had to say:

"Alex has always been into checkers. Chess was never her thing. So when the Chess meta exploded on Twitch, I knew I could step in and feed any information she needed via an earpiece. In short... I made Alex" - Andrea Botez

This news is shocking the Chess world. If any more developments come from this story, we'll be sure to provide updates.

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